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When it comes to Vancouver hotels that have the latest and most advanced technology, Hotel BLU is always one step ahead of the game. As part of our mission, we commit to always stay on the leading edge of technological innovations. We don't just stop at complimentary Wi-Fi. We have a variety of new technology features, including Angie, our speech enabled personal in-room concierge modeled off of Google Home/Alexa. It is our newest addition to our convenient list of technology to help us better serve our guests.

Angie In-Room Concierge

Fully customized to match Hotel BLU's luxurious amenities and services, Angie acts as an extension of our front desk and allows guests to access information and make requests from their room, without having to make a trip down to the lobby. Whether you need a wake-up call and restaurant reservations, or if you want to purchase tickets to a concert and find out how to connect to Wi-Fi - Angie has it all covered.


Our Hotel Internet and Innovations

  • Angie: Speech Enabled Personal In-Room Concierge
  • Touch Screen Telephones
  • Complimentary Fiber Optic Wired and Wireless Internet
  • 55:4K Smart TV
  • Energy Management Systems
  • Bedside USB Plugs for Easy Charging
  • Electric Car Charging Station
  • Electric Scooters (rental fee)