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TED 2019 Vancouver - be there.

  • March 22, 2019

Photo by Cydcor, some rights reserved

When you stand in downtown Vancouver, you can smell the sea. The city’s harbour is a symbol of its status as a port town, networked to the rest of the world. The city’s gleaming towers of glass and steel represent that progress, and its multi-cultural influences result in the best of the best; a city of the future. Vancouver stands on the precipice of tomorrow – will you take the leap?

TED 2019

TED Talks have become synonymous with some of the most innovative thinking from the brightest minds in the world. Filled with luminaries from all walks of life, every TED talk is a chance to hack your own mind and see the world, its problems, and more importantly its solutions in a new way.

TED 2019 is coming to Vancouver this April! Taking place at the Vancouver Convention Centre East from the 15th to the 19th, the theme of this conference is “Bigger Than Us” – it doesn’t take much to realize that the world is incredibly fractured, and that the problems facing the human species are of a greater magnitude than ever more. That means we need solutions that require every bit of our creativity, expertise and ingenuity!

Taking place over an entire week, TED will feature several mind-blowing talks every day and some of the most important networking opportunities you will have in your entire life. TED attracts brilliant and engaged individuals who are looking to make a difference with their start-ups and businesses. Will you be one of them?

If you’re one of the people who’s achieved a place at TED this year, then stay at the best. Hotel Blu Vancouver offers the ultimate boutique hotel experience in downtown Vancouver. Featuring great tech and even greater comfort, we’re the perfect way to make the most of TED. Reserve your stay today


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