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Challenge yourself with great art in Vancouver

  • November 23, 2018

You love being challenged by new ideas, new forms, new shapes. Quality design and high art motivate you to be better, giving you glimpses into what’s possible. That’s why you need to come to Vancouver – our arts community is always on the cutting edge, pushing the 21st Century to its breaking point.


The Vancouver Art Gallery is the cultural hub of the city, providing a glimpse into the great work being achieved here and all over the world. Its sites are truly international, showcasing artistic conversations from across the Pacific and beyond.

Currently on exhibit at the VAG is a retrospective on Guo Pei, China’s pre-eminent fashion visionary. This show, Couture Beyond, focuses on her work from 2006-2017, giving a look at over 40 of her utterly unique runway looks. Guo Pei’s work emerges out of Chinese history, combining it with contemporary methods of fabrication to transform the human body, creating works that are alien, beautiful, and utterly singular. This is a truly inspiring show for anyone with an appreciation for fashion and the state of the art.

Also on display is Dana Claxton: Fringing The Cube. A Vancouver based Lakota artist, Dana Claxton uses her indigenous heritage in order to frame new ideas of femininity and what it is to be a woman, suggesting new intersectional modes of identity. This show is challenging, provocative, and at times hilarious, riffing on cultural material in new and unexpected ways.

You could find yourself lost in both shows for hours, but if you need to take a break and consider the challenging things you’ve seen the Vancouver Art Gallery Café is renowned for its great food and coffee, as well as its stunning patio. Drink an Americano and had a sumptuous dessert, or share a bottle of sparkling wine with a scintillating conversation partner!

Want accommodations that are themselves a work of art? Hotel Blu is on the cutting edge, offering incredible technology and insightful design to create an unforgettable stay. Book your room today for a trip you’ll never forget. 


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